Sitemap - 2021 - The Reveal

Open Question: What are your New Year's movie-watching resolutions?

Best to Worst: The Summer Blockbusters of 2001

What's a great, under-the-radar Christmas movie?

In Review: 'Licorice Pizza,' 'The Matrix Resurrections,' 'Parallel Mothers,' and 'Don't Look Up'

The New Cult Canon: 'Speed Racer'

Dialogue: 'Macbeth and the Movies': Part 3

Have You Ever Considered Giving 'The Reveal' as a Gift?

Open Question: What's your interest in reading book-to-film adaptations?

In Review: 'Spider-Man: No Way Home,' 'Nightmare Alley,' 'The Lost Daughter'

Dialogue: 'Macbeth' and the Movies: Part Two

Minding the Gaps: 'The Devil Is a Woman' (1935)

Open Question: What are your favorite unconventional Shakespeare adaptations?

In Review: 'Red Rocket,' 'West Side Story,' 'Being the Ricardos'

Dialogue: 'Macbeth' and the Movies: Part One

The limits of "You have to see it on the big screen!"

What's a movie location with which you have a surprising personal connection?

In Review: 'Benedetta,' 'The Hand of God,' 'Flee'

“Ain’t That Hard”: The Teenage Wasteland of 'Menace II Society'

The Year of Hamaguchi

Open Question: If you could see a 'Get Back'-style treatment of any album, which would it be?

The Short Goodbye: The Disappearing of 'Let It Be'

In Review: 'House of Gucci,' 'King Richard'

Open Question: What little-loved film from the last decade deserves a second look?

In Review: 'The Power of the Dog,' 'C'mon, C'mon,' 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife'

The New Cult Canon: 'The Counselor'

In Praise of Hopping Vampires

Open Question: What can black-and-white movies do that color movies cannot?

In review: 'Passing,' 'Belfast,' 'Red Notice'

'Melancholia' at 10: A Decade of Waiting for the End of the World

'Dr. Brain': The Taming of Kim Jae-woon

Open Question: What are your hopes and expectations for how movies and TV deal with the pandemic?

In Review: 'Eternals,' 'Spencer,' 'Finch,' and 'The Beta Test'

Marvel’s 'Eternals' Wouldn’t Exist Without A Half-Forgotten, Nonsense-Filled Bestseller From an Alien-Obsessed Swiss Hotel Manager

'The Nasty Girl': When history is written by the losers

Open Question: What are your favorite unconventional sequels?

In Review: 'Last Night in Soho,' 'Antlers,' 'The Souvenir Part II'

A Conversation with John Hodgman about 'Dune,' Pt. 2

A Conversation with John Hodgman about 'Dune,' Pt. 1

Minding the Gaps: 'Walking Tall Part 2' (1975): "My children are motherless because of the man at the top"

Open Question: What "unadaptable" book would you most like to see turned into a movie?

In Review: 'Dune,' 'The French Dispatch,' 'Halloween Kills'

Dreams of Arrakis: The quixotic allure of Frank Herbert's 'Dune'

1991: A Summer at the Movies, the Best Job I Ever Had, and What Came After

Open Question: What's your second favorite 'Halloween' movie?

In Review: 'The Velvet Underground,' 'Bergman Island,' 'The Last Duel'

Minding the Gaps: 'The End of Summer' (1961): “Until the moss grows”

The Best Films of the Year (* According to Metacritic, According to Me): Part II

The Best Films of the Year (*According to Metacritic, According to Me): Part 1

Open Question: Is your first James Bond destined to be your favorite James Bond?

In Review: 'No Time to Die' and 'Lamb'

Beware of Unfounded Optimism: Shin Godzilla and Other Instructive Apocalypses

Tending the garden: Why the unusual release plan for ‘Memoria’ is good for film culture

Odds and Sods: Five Thoughts on Quentin Tarantino's Novelization of 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'

Dalton, Timothy Dalton: Agent Double-O Gen X

Open Question: What's the farthest you've ever traveled to see a movie?

Dialogue: What Are Movies Worth?

In Review: 'Titane' and 'The Many Saints of Newark'

A Less Than Timely 'A Quiet Place Part II' Review (and the Context Surrounding It)

'Restrepo': The defining film about the Forever War

“Tell Me”: 'Not Fade Away' and the Little-Seen True Confessions of David Chase

And... Action: Welcome to The Reveal