Sounds like a must-see, if only for the spectacle! Did you deliberately not give it a star rating?

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I've watched the early tiger sequence four times now. Pure nonsensical mythic imaginative joy, more over the top than even Justin Lin or Peter Jackson would dare, executed with Spielbergian wit and clarity. Just marvelous.

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I'm reading "The Far Pavilions" now and plan to read "Passage to India" next. I try to bundle my historical fiction/non-fiction binges - books on say, colonial India in this instance -- in an attempt to immerse and stay in the same headspace. Its great when movies are available as supplement. Altogether the varying perspectives among the books, movies and other media help (i think) get me closer to what might be the "truth" of what it was like in the region or time. So this movie is now at the top of the queue for me. Though, I suppose the versimilitude may suffer a bit from exaggeration? The books I'm reading, while sympathetic and somewhat sensitive to the Indian culture and history, were written by westerners of a certain age with all the prejudices and misconceptions that entails. I may re-watch Ghandi. But I'm wondering if there are any movies taking place in or about colonial or pre-colonial India that be good supplements to a viewing of RRR?

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