"And along with cat POV and cat-visions, after syncing with its brain, Dr. Koh develops cat-like reflexes. "

how in the world is this not a riotous satire comedy??

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As someone who really likes Good/Bad/Weird but thought that I Saw The Devil was WAY too much, it’s still depressing to me that he could be sanded down in any way.

Frankly the rise of prestige tv has only been a net negative for me. I’m very bad at watching television, especially 40+ min episode shows, because I generally have a hard time justifying the time spent on tv versus just watching more movies. When I DO watch tv I’m watching things that are considered classics, not stuff that’s still on the air.

It’s actually news to me that Park Chan-Wook even worked on a tv show. Maybe I’m out of touch. But I did make the effort to start Miami Vice in an effort to become a Michael Mann completist (I know his influence over the show is only partial) but I think I really need to make sure I see Top of The Lake and Little Drummer Girl.

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