More is more in the latest and longest 'John Wick' sequel. In limited release, the Dardennes paint more desperate characters into a corner and Adèle Exarchopoulos smells trouble in a French fantasy.
20 years after the start of the Iraq War, two Errol Morris documentaries, 'Standard Operating Procedure' and 'The Unknown Known,' have a cumulative…
Bramesco's new book traces the history of color movies using fifty remarkable examples that span color filmmaking's low-tech origins through the digital…
Open Question: Any Final Thoughts on the 95th Academy Awards?Hey, remember the Oscars? They were, let’s take a minute to remember… Oh, right: just a few days ago. It’s kind of amazing how something so ines…
This week, a notorious '60s serial killer investigation gets the B-grade 'Zodiac' treatment and a French Cannes-winner explores a motocross underworld.
In the early-to-mid '90s, Hal Hartley was talked about like the Coens, Richard Linklater and other young indie directors. 'Amateur' reveals why.
In 'Electric Dreams,' a lovestruck computer wreaks havoc in some ways that now look eerily prophetic.
What's the most undead movie franchise?In a 2019 piece for Mel, Tim Grierson coined the term “zombie franchise” to describe film series that just keep going and going long after they’…
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